Bookmarks (sheets)


We sell bookmarks in sheets, each sheet contains 5 bookmarks. There are 15 unique bookmarks, three sheets will get you a full set of bookmarks.

1 - 5$2.50
6 - 10$2.25
11 - 15$2.00
16 +$1.75
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    Bookmarks are provided in uncut sheets of five bookmarks per sheet. This is to minimize bending during shipping and for those who want to collect them as sheets. They are easily cut with a paper cutter or pair of scissors. There are three different sheets for a total of 15 different bookmarks. With each group of five books ordered, you receive a sheet. Ordering more than five will get you two sheets. More than ten books gets three sheets, and etc. Every three sheets will be a set.

    You may want additional sheets of bookmarks to share or give away. The cost of additional sheets is discounted.

    Books Ordered Bookmarks Additional Sheets Cost/Bookmark
    1-5 Books 1 sheet $1.00 per sheet $.20/Bookmark
    6-10 Books 2 sheets $0.75 per sheet $.15/Bookmark
    11-15 Books 3 sheets $0.60 per sheet $.12/Bookmark
    16+ Books 4 sheets $0.50 per sheet $.10/Bookmark
    Etc. Etc.


    If you want to order only bookmarks, they are still affordable. In fact, once you reach 16 or more sheets, the cost evens out, except there are no free sheets, as when ordered with books.

    Sheets Ordered Cost/Sheet Cost/Bookmark
    1-5 Sheets $1.25 per sheet $.25/Bookmark
    6-10 Sheets $1.00 per sheet $.20/Bookmark
    11-15 Sheets $0.75 per sheet $.15/Bookmark
    16+ Sheets $0.50 per sheet $.10/Bookmark